Georges Pichard: Throwing Curves

In 1946, Georges Pichard (not sure who he is? Visit our Pichard’s Distressing Damsels for an overview of his later work), heretofore toiling in a marketing agency, started his career as an illustrator. He worked for various French magazines and newspapers (like Le Rire, Fou-Rire and Les Veillées des Chaumières), providing them with covers, cartoons and pin-ups in black-and-white or gorgeous watercolour until the mid 70s, when he switched gears somewhat and dedicated himself to erotic bandes dessinées.

I left image imperfections (due mostly to yellowing of paper over time) and hand-written captions (when available) as is, as I find they provide pleasant texture and context. The jokes are really lame, but we translated them, anyway.

The following three cartoons were published in Le Rire. This first one saw print on the cover of Le Rire no. 22 (nouvelle série, July 1953).


This one was featured on the cover of Le Rire no. 66 (nouvelle série, March 1957).


« I’m the sort of guy who’s kind of like an iceberg, the main part is beneath the surface. » The man in question looks very much like a V.I.P. type.

The following are all from Fou-rire:

Cover of Fou-rire n°12, mid-50s. « It’s not because I’m playing the bagpipes that you have to take me for a gallant shepherd! »
GeorgePichard- LERIRE76- janvier 1958.
Cartoon from Fou-Rire n° 76, early 60s. « Please be assured, my dear friend, that we are all here quite touched by your wife’s endeavours to set a mood… ».
Cartoon from Fou-Rire n° 118, early 60s.  « It would be prudent to seal up your chimney, because when I tell the boss about this… »
Fou-Rire n° 118, mid 60s. « And to think that I’ve mislaid the key to this chest full of outfits, each more decent than the last… »

Finally, a couple of pretty loose ends:

Original art from Le Rire magazine, 1960s. « But the funniest part happened before I ran into the police officer! »
Early 60s.

~ ds

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