About WOT?

Who’s Out There? Why, you are, as it turns out.

Thanks for dropping by. While blogging is nowadays viewed as a rather quaint pursuit, it stands to reason that folks attuned to a slower pace would be our ideal audience, if one exists.

We landed here as defectors from Facebook’s Comix Comix Comix page, where we felt, at length, both constrained and overwhelmed by the relentless grind. FB’s “next, next, next, already!” model all but precludes a leisurely dig through the archives, and we happen to think highly of the value of both archival exploration *and* leisure. Hopefully, you’ll agree.

You’ve perhaps noticed that our focus is squarely on the creators rather than on characters (“properties”, in corporate-speak). That’s no accident.

We find it rather disconcerting to see images wantonly shared and tossed all over the internet without credit or appreciation, as if these works had appeared by magic, rather than being the fruit of hardscrabble inspiration, sweat and toil. So, since we *do* know better, we endeavour to do our part in raising creators’ profiles and drawing attention to their earnest efforts.