Hallowe’en Countdown IV, Day 17

« I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion. » — Henry David Thoreau

Have you picked out that special pumpkin for your fast incoming (dark, presumably) celebrations? If not, better get on it — someone (or something) else may be casting covetous glances and about to call dibs.

The lovely barefoot damsel is Richard Sala’s plucky heroïne (well, one of them!) Peculia. She was the star of Sala’s showcase title Evil Eye (1998-2004, Fantagraphics), as well as the graphic novel Peculia and the Groon Grove Vampires (2005). Fret not, she can fend for herself.

This is Evil Eye no. 2 (Oct. 1998, Fantagraphics).
This is Evil Eye no. 3 (Apr. 1999, Fantagraphics).
This is Evil Eye no. 5 (Mar. 2000, Fantagraphics).

As you may or may not have heard, Mr. Sala was one of the many notables we lost over the course of this nearly unparalleled Annus horribilis. Let’s remember him through this heartfelt eulogy penned by his closest friend and esteemed colleague, Mr. Daniel Clowes.

A fetching pinup from the back cover of the 2002 Peculia collection (2002, Fantagraphics).

– RG

3 thoughts on “Hallowe’en Countdown IV, Day 17

  1. Ben Herman: In My Not So Humble Opinion October 17, 2020 / 10:36

    Thanks again for spotlighting another interesting artist whose work I was previously unfamiliar with. I am just sorry that I did not learn of Richard Sala and his distinctive artwork until after he had passed away.

    Liked by 2 people

    • gasp65 October 17, 2020 / 18:46

      Hey Ben– you’re welcome! I know just what you mean about the disappointment of posthumous discovery. I recently decided to follow up on an interesting artist I’d read about as a kid (in an article from 1970!). Looking him up recently, I found that a beautiful monograph of his work had been published less than a decade ago. But he passed away… this past June.

      So I guess the moral is ‘don’t put off talking to your heroes, they might not be around next year’. I try to live by that principle, but procrastination is a powerful force!

      Liked by 2 people

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