Hallowe’en Countdown II, Day 17

« You’ve disgraced yourself! You’ve offended the Great Pumpkin and the spirit of Halloween! » Linus Van Pelt to Peppermint Patty, Oct. 31, 1975

You all know how this one goes! An image from the third Peanuts animated special, « It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown » from 1966.


« I got a rock. »

« Charlie Brown’s bad luck trick-or-treating earned him a lot of sympathy amongst young viewers, to the extent that some mailed candy for Charlie Brown to the TV channels that aired the special. In recent years, many fans have viewed the gag as disturbing, viewing it as a conspiracy among the adults to torture Charlie Brown by denying him candy. »

(quotation gleaned from the Peanuts wiki)

Interestingly, the gag about Charlie Brown’s inadvertent rock collection was introduced here, not in the strip, though it was alluded to in the November 1st, 1975 strip, a whole nine years down the line. Found it in my copy of « Think Thinner, Snoopy » 
As  a bonus, here’s a clever modern update on the classic sequence, from the long-defunct ifyouseesomething.net.

– RG

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