Hallowe’en Countdown II, Day 18

« Despite his actions, there is to me a sadness about Dracula, a brooding, withdrawn unhappiness. He is in this world, but he is not of this world. He is a demon, but he is above all a man. » — Christopher Lee, from his foreword.

In 1966, Russ Jones (Creepy Magazine’s founding editor) sold Ballantine Books on an « Illustrated comic strip » (redundant, I know… the term ‘graphic novel’ had yet to be coined) adaptation of Bram Stoker‘s notorious Dracula, first published in 1897. For this purpose, Jones assembled the team of writers Otto Binder and (future The Love Boat scripter) Craig Tennis and illustrator Alden McWilliams (Rip Kirby, work for Warren, Gold Key, Archie and DC).

The story’s opening splash. The choice of Alex Raymond disciple McWilliams to bring visual life to this literary chestnut may not have been a daring one, but it certainly was a solid one.
Jonathan Harker’s journey ends at Castle Dracula.
A certain sanguinary nobleman introduces himself.
A snapshot from The Demeter’s doom-laden journey to England.
McWilliams has no difficulty in conveying the more… erotic facets of Stoker’s novel.

The book even boasts an introduction by tall, dark and gruesome thespian and classic Dracula portrayer Christopher Lee.

Look for this cover at your newsagent’s!

– RG

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