Tentacle Tuesday: Dive Right In, Boys and Girls!

Being in the throes of a heatwave is no fun. Given that I currently feel like my brain is melting, I shall keep this post to a minimum of text and a maximum of visual thrills. Luckily, today’s little collection of pretty forgotten comic book covers is quite fun, with covers that tantalize and mystify. Some of them also involve a lot of splashing around, which is a distinctly enjoyable thought right now. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Detective Eye no. 2 (December 1940, Centaur). Cover by Frank Thomas. It’s anything, and everything, goes on this cover! A lively party, indeed.
Funny Pages no. 36 (April 1940, Centaur). Cover by Harold DeLay. Note how the woman’s traditional, yet strangely tight and semi-transparent garb highlights her figure.
Startling Comics no. 16 (August 1942, Pines). Cover by Jack Binder. The woman is clearly fed up with all this silly boy nonsense and this is the last time she goes anywhere with these two.
Sparkler Comics no. 47 (September 1945, United Feature). Cover by Burne Hogarth. I always wonder about these tight leopard shorts – made out of leopard skin with some elastane mixed in, no doubt!
Seven Seas of Comics no. 3 (1947, Iger). Cover by Matt Baker. It is highly unusual for the octopus to grab the man instead of the woman; it must have something specific in mind.

More tentacular covers from the 40s can be seen in Tentacle Tuesday: Golden Age Superheroics, Tentacle Tuesday: The Golden Age of Grabbery or even Tentacle Tuesday: These Were Your Grandparents’ Tentacles.

~ ds

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