Hallowe’en Countdown II, Day 21

« Are you mentally undressing me? » « Actually, I’m mentally shaving you. »

Been sniffing ’round the bushes for a depraved hybrid of Popeye, Snuffy Smith, Nancy, Bazooka Joe on one hand, and, say… Ambrose Bierce, Oscar Brand and Charles Rodrigues on the other, with a sprig of Rod McKuen for nuance? Perk up, Sparky, your quest is about to reach its happy end.

Underworld is the rabid brainchild of American cartoon god ( Kazimieras Gediminas Prapuolenis in 1959) alias (for some reason) Kaz. Underworld has been appearing in various alternative weeklies since 1992. But none in my neck of the woods, naturally. Grr.


Fortunately, the discerning folks at Fantagraphics have thus far issued five Underworld collections, plus, a couple years back, an imposing omnibus, each of them wonderful, surreal, morbid and unnaturally comforting. Perfect Hallowe’en reading? You bet. Skrunk!

– RG

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