Hallowe’en Countdown VI, Day 15

« Brevity is the soul of lingerie. » — Dorothy Parker

Hey, it’s Saturday night, we let our hair down, and we’ve all — presumably — better things to do than to linger and moulder at the computer. Here, then are some lovely (under) things by Tentacle Tuesday Master Rich Larson, none of them featuring grasping octopodian appendages. I became aware of Mr. Larson‘s work through some fine covers and stories he illustrated for Charlton’s line of ghost comics in its 1970s heyday. After Charlton more or less gave up the ghost in 1976, he smartly forged his own singular path, generally in collaboration with the equally talented Steve Fastner.

Is everyone ready, then, for a visit to… the Haunted House of Lingerie?

Volume one’s recto.

And its verso.
Then came a sequel — thank goodness! Front…
… and back.
To give you a sense of the breakdown in tasks, here’s a sample of Mr. Larson’s pencils.

Your mileage may of course vary, but what I find most remarkable about Larson’s work is how its wit and joie de vivre, its good-natured enthusiasm, keep the results from ever seeming crass or tawdry, whatever the topic. Hats off, gentlemen.


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