Hallowe’en Countdown VI, Day 6

« There is never enough horsepower… just not enough traction. » — Carroll Shelby

While my co-admin ds has already touched upon the circumstances of Topps’ Weird Wheels in her Purple Tentacle Tuesday post, she was of course thematically constrained there… while I’m free to drill down deeper into the set’s considerable riches. I won’t recount the set’s history, as that haunted ground has long ago been exhaustively explored and trod upon by the mighty Kurt Kuersteiner, monster gum card historian and also owner, operator and distinguished curator of the Jack T. Chick Museum of Fine Art. Peruse at your peril his fine account of what went down when Weird Wheels came down.

No one can claim this didn’t constitute an attractive package!

And now, on to the cards… my favourites, anyway. From what’s known, the art duties were shared by Norman Saunders and Gary Hallgren.

Card no. 1. Note the belfry engine.
Card no. 4.
Card no. 9.

Card no. 17.
Card no. 18. Held together, of course, by surgical stitching.

Card no. 22.

Card no. 23. This one, without question, was painted by Gary Hallgren… note the licence plate.
Card no. 26.
Card no. 27.

Card no. 45. Here’s the ideal soundtrack for this scene.
Card no. 54. I love that this heap isn’t going anywhere: it’s on bricks.


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