Tentacle Tuesday: Slidin’ Down the Cinema Sewer

Due to unforeseen computer troubles (are those ever anticipated?), the program I was planning for today is postponed, as I don’t quite have access to the needed files. It’s Robin Bougie (Canadian “artist, writer, publisher and general sleaze visionary“) to the rescue! His film (maga)zine Cinema Sewer boasts a panoply of fun covers by a sturdy cadre of illustrators. To this I might add that this naughty publication doesn’t nearly receive all the lovin’ it deserves, so I’m all in favour of (well-earned) hype.

In case you’ve never heard of it, here’s a review by Richelle Charkot of a random issue (no. 28, if you should ask), which is representative of the whole series in general:

« Robin Bougie does it again with another enthralling and disgusting chapter in the Cinema Sewer series. This set of fascinating essays on cult films, genre films, vintage porn and their attendant subcultures is meticulously assembled as usual, with hand-written text and amazingly sultry illustrations largely written, drawn, laid out and published by Bougie himself. Cinema Sewer is so readable that it could potentially be quite easy to burn through, but thanks to Bougie’s wealth of dirty knowledge, there is plenty to *ahem* chew on, so you won’t destroy the issue too quickly. The zine covers everything from the life of pornographic photographer Johnny Castano (of which Bougie describes his work as “an artform”), to Lili Marlene, aka ‘The Forgotten Anal Princess’, with dozens and dozens of alt-cinema reviews to peruse through. As with its previous installments, Cinema Sewer is definitely an acquired taste, and many may be offended by Bougie’s tendency to be incredibly crass and fast and loose with colloquial genital terms that might unsettle some readers. But for those who are not weak of heart and possess a desire to learn, let this series be your quintessential guide to the underbelly of film. »

Cinema Sewer no. 16 (2005). Cover by Danny Hellman, who not only has a peculiar sense of humour (it’s a compliment, Danny!), but is also an excellent tour guide through the wilds of Brooklyn.
Cinema Sewer17
Cinema Sewer no. 17 (2005), cover by Mike Hoffman. This scene raises far more questions than could possibly be answered.
Cinema Sewer no. 22 (2009), with a cover by Sean Donahue. Her expression seems to be saying “ah, come on, you guys…” There’s some mysterious link between roller skates and tentacles – just take a gander at John Pound’s cover for Commies from Mars no. 3.
Cinema Sewer no. 26 (2013), cover by Canadian comics artist James Stokoe. I find his work (and colours) to be a bit hit or miss, but I loved his (currently unfinished) Orc Stain and quite enjoyed Wonton Soup.
Cinema Sewer no. 31 (2018). Cover by William Skaar, who clearly entertains a certain fondness for both tentacles and big-chested girls (just take a peek at his website or his Kickstarter project). Well, don’t we all? 😉

– ds

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