Hallowe’en Countdown III, Day 27

« And something horrible is going on in Foley’s body! Come at once! Come quickly! »

The Dead Who Walk is a mysterious one-shot from 1952. It was issued by Realistic Publications, an ephemeral publishing arm of Avon Books, during the decade that they haphazardly dabbled in the funnybook field.

Boy, whatever you can say about Anne, she certainly made an impression.

The pungent dialogue and its implications aside, what fascinates me about this lavishly grotesque cover is the jarring schism in art styles: the damsel in peril is of the classically-buxom Matt BakerNick Cardy species, while the revenants belong to an expressively oddball Edvard MunchManny StallmanJerry Grandenetti school. As far as I know, the cover artist(s)’s identity is lost to time and obscurity. It has been established, thanks to a signature, that the insides were provided by longtime jobber Tex Blaisdell… a rather stiff and workaday performance, regrettably. But the cover assuredly isn’t his, no matter what the good ol’ GCD says.

The most accomplished interior page, in my view, is the inside front cover intro. Art by Tex Blaisdell.

You can pore over the sordid tale of The Dead Who Walk thanks to the excellent Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blogzine, where the issue was examined  back in 2007: http://pappysgoldenage.blogspot.ca/search?q=Dead+Who+Walk

At the time, it was presumed that the inside art was the work of future EC and DC player Joe Orlando, which didn’t seem far off the mark.


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