Tentacle Tuesday: Newspaper Ink

Greetings! Today we take another foray (I started with Tentacle Tuesday: the Many-Armed Tentacle Strip) into (modern) newspaper strips. It’s easy to assume that everything published in your paper’s comics page is drivel, but there’s some reassuring exceptions to this rule.

First, we have Canadian Pooch Café, around since 2000. One wouldn’t think that a strip about a dog (Poncho, the terror of the neighbourhood) and its owners and friends would have tentacles in it,  but it does, much to my delight.

The fish in the bowl (named Fish) is a recurring character, cohabiting (and occasionally having his life and safety threatened by) Poncho.
Pooch Café
All cats in this strip are purple and are indistinguishable one from another.

Scary Gary, by Mark Buford, follows the everyday tribulations of a 700-hundred year old vampire who’s gone quite soft and suburban. The most excitement he can hope for is purchasing a new bag of chips… on the other hand, his henchman Leopold’s life is a whirl of nefarious, villainous schemes and ploys.

In case you didn’t know what a mind flayer is, it’s the same thing as an illithid 😉

My colleague has talked in detail about a certain crotchety witch in Growing Old Gracelessly With Broom-Hilda, so I’ll just leave this one strip here (and politely inquire why Broomie thinks that the octopus isn’t good enough to cuddle with, huh, HUH??)


Mark Tatulli’s Lio is a riot of tentacles, given that Lio’s best friend is a giant squid. All of it is pretty fun, but once in a while I’m so charmed that I save the strip to my computer. Here are some of those saved, favourite strips:


No doubt Dr. Zoidberg would rush towards the seafood buffet offer with similar speed. Or is Ishmael just angry for friends of his that have been fried?


Ishmael painting by Lio fan Nina Levy. Visit her blog Daily Napkins!

Bizarro – ah, to be able to rely on something that’s still good some thirty-plus years later -, has already had a Tentacle Tuesday of its own (see Let’s Get Bizarro), but since then I’ve accumulated a few extra strips.




~ ds

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