Tentacle Tuesday: “Foul as Sewer Slime!”

This is the final Tentacle Tuesday of the year (the next one falls on January 1st). As few tentacles venture out into the snow, I had to find something else to celebrate the occasion. I’ve been hoarding some images for sharing at some later date, and I feel the moment has come to return to a topic that’s dear to my heart – for each girl, there must be some tentacles…

Amethyst-Princess ofGemworld4
Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld no. 4 (August, 1983). This is a page from the story Dark Journeys!, drawn by Ernie Colón. I can’t vouch for the quality of the writing of this series, but the covers are a lot of fun for those of us who like Colón (I’ll hold my hand up there).
Cinema Sewer17
Cinema Sewer no. 17 (2005), cover by Mike Hoffman. CS, in case  you didn’t know, is a movie magazine (a mix of articles, illustrations and comics), the brainchild of Canadian Robin Bougie. Let’s give a polite round of applause to the strategically placed tentacles!

As long as we’re in the gutter, err, sewer… Sewer slime!

A page from “Marada the She-Wolf” , written by Chris Claremont and illustrated John Bolton,  from Epic Illustrated no. 23 (April, 1984). I was convinced the octopus was attacking a pregnant girl until I looked closer. Damn deceptive black-and-white!

Next, a window with the world of superheroines… in which zippers magically stop just before full frontal nudity, every woman boasts a F cup size, hair writhes passionately all by itself, and pain looks like lust. “Nothing… beats these tentacles.” Thank you, Beatriz da Costa, for those immortal words.

Justice League America no. 100 (June, 1995, DC). Opening Up the Game is scripted by Gerard Jones, pencilled by Chuck Wojtkiewicz, inked by Bob Dvorak and Doug Selogy. Wait, how many people had to get involved in this?!

The next one is an obvious – even boring – scene: girl tied up, blah blah, tentacles reaching for her *yawn* nether regions… Bonus points if she’s wearing some terrifically overwrought hair decoration/jewelry/shoes (and nothing else).

WarlordofMars-Dejah Thoris10-JoeJusko
Original art for Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris no. 10, variant cover A by Joe Jusko (Feb. 2012, Dynamite).

Here’s to a new year of grabbery and slimy appendages, then!

~ ds

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