An Inconvenient Prescience: Harvey Pekar’s “Stupid Capitalists!” (2000)

« And it’s worse when I try to remember
When I think about then and now
I’d rather see it on the news at eleven
Sit back, and watch it run straight down »
Warren Zevon, Run Straight Down (1989)

Just a brief little post today, with a thought to our friends in the USA who have an important opportunity coming up tomorrow.

Despite the vividness of his ‘cranky old man’ image, Harvey Pekar (1939-2010) wasn’t some coot screaming at the kids to get off his lonke or ranting about aliens in the drinking water. He was a keen-eyed observer with astounding perspective. Witness this unnervingly accurate and oh-so timely piece from eighteen years ago. Illustrated by Josh Neufeld, it was published as the back cover of the one-shot American Splendor: Bedtime Stories (2000, Dark Horse, edited by Diana Schutz).

PekarCapitalistsAHigh time for a muzzling of a certain tiny fingered, Cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon, wouldn’t you say? Make America Splendid again… do it for old Harv, do it for yourselves.


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