A Silent (what else?) Night With Mr. Mum

Irving Phillips (1904-2000)…« has been an actor, a violinist, a Hollywood script writer, the Humor Editor of ‘Esquire’ magazine, a playwright, as well as a very successful syndicated cartoonist.* »

He was most notably the creator of The Strange World of Mr. Mum, which was published from 1958 to 1974 (the Sunday edition began in 1961); at its peak, the strip appeared in 180 newspapers.

Mr. Mum, as his name suggests, is the silent observer of various strange happenings. Anything can, and does, happen in Mum’s world, and much of it is delightfully surreal.

Today, as befits the season, we propose a handful of Christmas (and post-holiday) themed Mr. Mum Sundays.

Originally appeared on December 21, 1969.
Originally appeared on January 4, 1970.
Originally appeared on December 20, 1970.
Originally appeared on December 27, 1970.

As Mr. Mum himself might say, were he ever inclined to chime in: « Have a Merry Christmas! » May you find some good comics in your holiday stash. And try Joe’s Federal Fling… it’s tastier than eggnog.

Craving more Mr. Mum? Then scoot over to Ger Apeldoorn’s The Fabulous Fifties blog, where a veritable Mum trove awaits !

– RG / ds

*quoted from a interview with Mr. Phillips in Cartoonist Profiles no. 4, (November, 1969).

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