It’s Got a Beat and You Can Read to It

« They never roll the sidewalks up, no siree! »

Rail-Bangin’ Rick Geary gives us a not-entirely-literal, yet oddly fitting visual representation of Brian Wilson and Jan Berry’s timeless classic, a number one hit for Jan & Dean in the Spring of 1963. Wilson’s original working title for the tune was “Goody Connie Won’t You Come Back Home“, perhaps a tad less catchy appellation.


Surf City, the strip, appeared on the back cover of the lone issue of Bop, “America’s First & Only Music Comix Magazine (1982, Kitchen Sink Press.) Edited by Catherine Yronwode.

– RG

2 thoughts on “It’s Got a Beat and You Can Read to It

  1. gasp65 December 17, 2017 / 01:42

    Oh, truly. Decades of inspired work, essentially outside the mainstream, at an astoundingly consistent, nose-bleedingly high level. He’s being taken for granted, and that’s awful… but typical. At least he’s carved out his own niche.


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