The perils of ice-cream (with fudge sauce)

Gluyas Williams (1888-1982) was an American cartoonist whose work was published in The New Yorker, Life, Collier’s, etc. His charming one-page cartoons show a keen understanding of human nature; sometimes there’s a recurring topic – for instance, “The World At Its Worst” and “Snapshots Of…”*.

So here’s “Snapshots of a woman eating a sundae” (1926) for your enjoyment, but please don’t blame the subsequent weight gain due to ice cream cravings on me.


If you want a catalogue of little annoyances, petty vexations and funny paradoxes of life that will make you chuckle in embarrassment of recognition, you can watch some George Carlin sketches… or read some Williams cartoons, a good selection of which is available here: (No, this type of humour wasn’t born yesterday, and although technology marches on, the basic stuff stays if not the same, then similar.)

*Somehow I’m reminded of Sergio Aragones’ “Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men? The Shadow Knows” leitmotif).

~ ds

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